wishing you all a happy, glittery christmas

What would Christmas be without SILVER and GOLD?

Of course we couldn’t do without RED and GREEN in all their pagan celebration, filling our festive spirits with visions of Christmas trees and holly berries, firesides and winter, Santa and his hardworking elves, but we need the GLITTER!

GOLD brings majesty to the proceedings.  It is the colour we use to honour.  Gold is prized highly: awarded for being the best, set as the highest of standards and used to celebrate significant occasions.  Gold is one of the gifts that the Three Magi brought to honour the birth of Christ.  Gold and Christmas – inextricably linked.

But what about SILVER?  Silver has a completely different feel to Gold.  Silver is the cool to Gold’s heat.  In the language of the Incas, Silver is ‘The tears of the moon’, the feminine, a balance to the masculine sun.

Silver has a lightness of touch;  it skips and dances, glitters and whispers, and frolics with mercurial possibilities.  Silver is the the magical Winter Wonderland around which all Christmas fantasies revolve.  Silver is the sun sparkling on the snow, the icicles hanging from the Christmas tree, the frozen mysteries of the North Pole.

Gold is the Fire and Silver is the Ice.

Gold is the Honour and Silver is the Magic.

Gold is the choir of the Heavenly Host and Silver is the jingle of sleigh bells.

And in celebration of these most celebratory of colours, here are some of my more glittery, Christmas-themed paintings fashioned into baubles!

thank you all for following this blog for another year




  1. Francesca you are awesome, I so look forward to reading your posts. I really wish that I could actually see the colours through your eyes.


  2. And there was a full moon on Christmas Day which seemed very auspicious! And I do like the glitter. I love the middle bauble – all that beautiful turquoise! It’s a pleasure following your blog and after each post it makes me aware of colour in a subtly different way. Happy New Year and may you posts keep coming!


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