How do I choose a Turquoise!

So it was a mere 15 years ago when I first came up with the idea for The Colour Potential. At the time I was training to become a Metaphysical counsellor and we were charged with creating a project that combined metaphysics with our passion.

Well, any regular or indeed irregular readers will have quickly surmised that colour is most definitely my overriding passion! And so I created a set of Divination cards based on colour, metaphysical principles and positivity. I then wrote a handbook to accompany the set – my intention being that anyone can use the cards without the requirement of an interpreter.

Up to now I have been hand painting the cards and my dear husband has been laminating and cutting them. And there are 57 of them. Although the finished product looks beautiful, it is an incredibly laborious and time consuming business and not practical for a world market.


In 2014 I had the handbook printed.

Now a new opportunity has spurred me on to get the cards printed – the new cast member in this production turning out to be a games manufacturer based in Florida. It has been a time of high intensity, frustration, elation and above all creation of the minute detail required to get one’s vision across to someone else.

But it is the colours that are the vital part.

They have to be absolutely right.

This meant using the fabulous Pantone Color Matching System.

Pantone is an internationally recognised system of colour identification. The system centres on codes for 1,867 colours. Pantone – meaning ‘every colour’ – was invented in 1963 in New York by Lawrence Herbert, an American printer/chemist. Herbert created a system that would ensure a continuity of colour so that anyone anywhere in the world could order a particular colour by using the Pantone code. Amazing!

It is notoriously difficult to accurately describe a colour.  In fact one of my early posts on this blog was about how we name colours – jet black, sky blue, lime, orange, donkey grey etc.  So this very accurate system based on numbers rather than cultural references is fabulous.


I was so looking forward to it. The icing on the cake of this 15 year journey – choosing the colours!  But easy it was not. It turns out that digital printing can’t print white – so that was a facer from the off!!

It was even tricky when it came to choosing my favourite of all colours, the colour I would like to live in …

How do you choose a Turquoise?


Yesterday I received the digital images of what the cards are going to look like. With the first glimpse my soul sang and my heart wept. It was even more beautiful than I had ever hoped. My dream had been to find a designer who would understand my vision for the cards and take it further.  And I had!

Watch this space for the world debut of my printed Colour Potential cards …

It is all SO exciting!


  1. What an exciting and interesting project, I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to get the cards printed. And turquoise is also my favourite colour, so I can see your dilemma with all those turquoises to choose from!


  2. How absolutely fantastic – can’t wait to see what they are like although I do love the ones I’ve got and in fact have the Turquoise card of RECEIVING on my desk as I type!


  3. Oh, how wonderful. It thrills me that my cards are part of your creative process!
    I hate to use the word, but it has been some JOURNEY getting them printed. We received the first hard copy in the mail today. #heartstopping!

    Liked by 1 person

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