It has not been an easy time in the Howard household.

Life has been completely taken up with getting The Colour Potential cards printed.

I am now beginning to understand why it can be so difficult for a long-held dream to metamorphose into a reality. I always felt very lucky in comparison to my writer and musician friends. I paint a picture and that’s it – someone buys it and the process is complete. If you are a writer you have to cope with editors, and a musician with producers, wanting to alter your work – probably for the better, but they are still altering your precious creation.

Now my biggest dream – a pack of divination cards – is out there trying to become a reality. This inevitably involves compromise.

Just finding someone to print them was a big enough task. As I mentioned in my previous post, the first shock was that digital printing cannot print white or gold or silver. When the cards are up and running and I want tens of thousands of packs, lithographic printing will be able to print all the colours I could possibly want. Until that point these limitations need to be creatively addressed.

But how can I put limitations on my dream?

This is my passion

My passion is colour

The cards are ALL ABOUT THE COLOUR …


So I found a playing card manufacturer in Florida with a designer who was not entirely baffled by the concept – a wonderful man named Chris. Chris has been my salvation in this voyage of compromise. We have been emailing back and forth, he has been couriering proofs and I have tried not to be a pest. I don’t know if it’s a particularly British thing, but I kept thinking Chris would reach a point where he had had enough. He never did – not even when Hurricane Matthew had Florida firmly in its sights!


I had sleepless nights, in crisis that my dream would not look the way I had always envisaged it. If the printing technology can’t print white, then the background of the card has to be another colour so that the white circle of colour will show up. And not having a white background changes the impact of the colours set against it …


After further restless nights and frantic emails I finally, and with more joy than I can possibly express, signed off on the proofs!


And now I wait.

Wait for the printed cards to arrive.


What, I wonder, will be the next surprise on this odyssey to realise my dream?

Do you have any dream realisation stories to tell?


  1. Congratulations on signing off on the proofs!!!

    You are an inspiration!!

    Loads of love,


    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Very excited to hear that you found such a sympatico designer in Chris. It makes all the difference, I think, and it looks as though he’s got it exactly right. I wonder if this whole process is always somewhat stressful because it has to be – you have to go through the seesawing emotions and questioning because it’s so important and through it you get the best result. I can’t think of it being otherwise but maybe that’s my Scottish Calvinistic heritage – no pain, no gain!


  3. I think you are right, Colin.
    Throughout the process you have to make so many choices that it really highlights what is valuable.
    Without the process, however stressful it might be, you wouldn’t know how important it was to you to realise this particular creative project.


  4. Dream realisation stories – what an invitation! Each book published I suppose. You have gone on such a journey with these cards and it’s fantastically exciting to think of them being out there in large numbers. Chris sounds a complete star! I love using them and am aware how attached I am to them. Hope the wait is over soon and you can all celebrate. Many, many congratulations.


  5. Thank you so much Vicky.
    And thank you for being such an invaluable part of my process in bringing the cards into the world. A new, printed pack will be winging its way to you very soon.
    Also, may I say how excited I am for next year and a certain Venetian-shaped dream realisation being in our bookshops!

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