the-colour-potential-all-the-cards-scattered-francesca-howarThe printed version of my Colour Potential Cards has arrived.

And they look and feel beautiful!

Even the colours that could not be printed have turned out pretty well:


Now for the next chapter in this wild ride of an adventure …


A big thank you to everyone who has been such a support in this venture!

If you would like to buy a set of The Colour Potential Divination cards, please click here



  1. Huge congratulations! They look absolutely terrific and it’s so exiting that they’ll go out and help so many people now, just as they’ve helped me, and do each day, helping bring clarity to issues both large and small. I hope there was some bubbly involved in launching them to the world!


  2. Dear Heart, what a total triumph. I am so proud of you and this achievement!!! They are beautiful and have a high resonance, such a challenge to bring through in print.
    Big walk, big outcome!!!! It feels like you have cracked it. May this heart gesture to the world pour out and lift all to remember the Truth of who they are.


  3. Wow! Sis! What amazing words. Thank you so much.
    Although this has been a long journey, it has definitely been heart work not hard work.
    I feel very excited for the next chapter.
    It’s so great to have you with me.


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