Why … Paint?


I could stare at this for hours.

Paint entrances me and always has. It takes my hand and leads me into an alternate dimension. An alternate dimension where my soul is free and time ceases to exist. Paint vibrates with possibility. Possibility of change. Of new colour combinations. Of new spaces. Of new windows onto the world.

Paint is transformative and that is what thrills me. From daubing on cave walls to covering bodies in white to symbolise grief, painting is powerful. Just changing the colour of a wall can transform not only your space, but also your mood. I have been known to start crying while standing in front of a painting in a gallery, it moved me so. The power of paint is jaw-dropping and exquisite.

But why this medium, the visual? Why not movement or architecture or words or music? Well, apart from (finally at the age of nearly 60!) loving being in the gym, movement was never going to be my form of expression and despite having an architect as a father, I find it impossible to think in 3D. I cannot begin to imagine a life without words or music, but they were not going to be my artistic avenue. Words I find too important. I can’t paint with any words in the background, even if they are in songs. Too much music I find overwhelming – a music festival goer I am not. Words feed my mind and music feeds my soul.

So, talent aside, why was it paint? Maybe because it feeds both my mind and my soul … and my spirit.

I thought this was going to be an easy post to write. Fun, filled with colour to stare at, not too many words(!), expressing why I paint. And maybe that’s why it has taken a number of rewrites, because I am trying to explain something which goes beyond explanation. At source paint and colour connect me with the invisible, the inexpressible, the infinite in a way no other medium does.

I’m guessing that is why any artist chooses their particular medium – it takes them somewhere else. Do you know why you chose your particular medium? Do tell me and let me know where it takes you.


  1. Your images make me want to reach out and touch the paint. It reminds me of the way I want to wrap my arms around a building when I first see it. But for me, it’s words that unlock something bigger in me – I love how a little assortment of words can set off huge visions and emotions. Which is rather what the combination of certain colours must do for you. Although I’m also reminded of that great Morecambe & Wise sketch, playing the piano – same notes, not necessarily in the same order. But there is infinite possibility in the arrangement of words, colour, shape, etc – and we just cannot resist trying them all out to find something beautiful.


  2. Such a glorious post. Wonderful to share your world of colour for a moment, in your pure joy and wonder of it. Opening doorways, opening new pathways. Thank you.


  3. I could read your words all day! I love to hear about your passion and how your medium completes you. You are an inspiration! Loads of love to you xx


  4. What incredibly beautiful colours. I agree completely about the somewhere else. As you know it was always writing for me and I think that came from my experiences of reading and wanting to give people the experience that I valued so much of being wholly absorbed in a story you loved. I think also having a father who was a writer made me very curious about what it was all about.


  5. Yes, there is that feeling of wanting to take people to that other place. And then the art leaves you and becomes something else and takes the reader/viewer to yet another place. It is a mysterious business this creative one. I think that is why I found this post much harder to write than I thought it would be.
    Where would be be without our fathers, creating art and showing us that it could be done?

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