The Spirituality of the Northern Lights

Where does a Colour Girl go to celebrate her 60th? Well to see the Northern Lights of course!

The Northern Lights are caused by solar activity interacting with the earth’s atmosphere at the magnetic poles. The colours are created when the solar particles collide with gases in the atmosphere, with the different gases creating different colours. Collision with oxygen produces green, orange and red colours (the red and orange being at a higher altitude than the green) and collision with the nitrogen produces green, purple and sometimes blue colours.

To undertake this adventure we went to Tromsø, north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. The Northern Lights are famously elusive and on our first nocturnal expedition they did not materialise. But on our second night, they did. And they were spectacular!

They never stopped moving across the sky, adopting different shapes, sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal.

The ones we saw that night were mainly green, though I did capture a bit of blue and purple in there too.

After two hours they disappeared as rapidly as they had come and we returned to a spellbinding, moonlit, Norwegian midnight.

I found it to be a profoundly mystical and moving experience. One of my spiritual beliefs is that life is always working in our favour, whether we can see it or not. And in my imagination the energy of life and its beneficence surrounds us in a myriad of interconnecting coloured streams.

It was only on returning home that I realised why the night had effected me so. It was because I had seen one of my spiritual beliefs. Because, of course, the Auroras North and South are always there. It is just that we cannot see them …

And here’s a picture of me and my husband in joy at being with these spiritual Lights

the watermarked photos are courtesy of Tromsø Safari who facilitated this amazing adventure


  1. Francesca, this post has made my day!! 😀 I long to see the Northern Lights (and hopefully will one day) but your post and stunning photos come a close second! Thank you for sharing not only the images but also of your profound emotional reaction at this amazing spectacle. Mystical, ethereal. Almost like an epiphany and an evening that will always live with you. I love the photo of you and your husband to the magical surreal background of the aurora.

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  2. Thank you so much, Annika! You are quite right, it was the most amazing night and one I will never forget. Epiphany is the word. I really hope you get to experience them for yourself.
    Thank you for your lovely words 🙏🏻🌌

    Liked by 1 person

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