‘The Grief and the Victory of not being Seen’

‘The Grief and the Victory of not being Seen’ is the title of one of my latest paintings.

It centres on the idea that, as children, we might have felt that our parents or caregivers did not see us clearly. They did not recognise us for who we truly were. This in turn may have left us trying to fit into the mould of what we were required to be rather than become our true selves. That is the Grief. But not being seen is also what made us what we are. It was, and still is, the grit in our oyster. That is the Victory.


The work shows the striking impact of ‘our true colours’ radiating into the world as our personality develops through our struggle to forge our unique identity.

‘The Grief and the Victory of not being Seen’

The painting has a background of building bricks in stone and white. Running down the centre is a series of colours which reach out with subtle determination into the surrounding background. The colours represent our unique and varied characteristics. They are the colours we have become as we make ourselves seen in the world.

The background is created out of a wonderful paint called Unbleached Titanium Oxide. Because that is how we all start off, unbleached, new, fresh, untainted.

It is an unusual painting that will speak to many. And if you wanted one that spoke particularly of you, I would paint it with your chosen colours running through the centre.


The painting comes in two sizes and is oil on canvas. It is available to buy on my website.


  1. This is a great painting. Very beautiful and very arresting at the same time. I love your move into painting emotions and look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks!


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