It’s finished! ‘Every Emotion is of Equal Value’

My loyal readers may be thrilled to know that this is the last post about my painting ‘Every Emotion is of Equal Value’! It has been a long but ultimately fulfilling and life-changing project.

This was the process:

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I had one final realisation to make. Every positive emotion had gold or silver leaf as part of the composition, symbolising the light of possibility in those emotions. I then thought, if every emotion is equal then surely the negative emotions should have leaf in them too. For if you are prepared/brave enough to sit with the negative emotions, they will likewise bring the light of possibility with them.

So, TahDah!  This is the finished painting in all its glory.

Every Emotion is of Equal Value

Confidence | Contentment | Contempt | Sadness | Wonder |

Passion | Terror | the Unique Feeling of being Truly You | Vitality | Envy |

Regret | Hope | Shame | Joy | Anxiety |

Hate | Pointlessness | Shock | Desperation | Exuberance.

And I have to say, I am pretty proud of it and of myself for getting to the end(!)

It will form the centrepiece of a large solo exhibition in December.

In the meantime I am going to paint loads of sea paintings. Paintings that will give the cerebral part of my brain a well-earned rest and which will allow me to swim in turquoise. Ahhh …

Thank you for accompanying me on this emotive adventure!



  1. Your title had had a huge influence on how I am going about my
    little day to
    day emotional life . Going from one square of emotion / colour to the
    next What I
    can see in
    your painting supports
    this . Our emotions span from one
    to the next within a moment . Each of your painted squares has equal worth and beauty . Anger , joy , pain , love … . This helps me . I
    like it . Thank
    you xxx


  2. Wow, thank you so much for your lovely words, Lucy! It fills me with great joy that my painting is helping you in some way. As you may have gathered, it had a great effect on me while painting it. I began to examine how I judge myself for feeling ‘negative’ emotions.
    Thank you for sharing your experience – I am so thrilled! xxx


  3. I’ve just now found your blog, and I’m intrigued by your color project. I will need to go back and read more to see how it evolved. I, too, have recently been review colors and emotions — I found an interesting little color chart that shows different positive emotions for each hue — and I smiled when you spoke of painting the sea. That’s been my current focus recently. So, I will have to enjoy and learn from in following your blog. It’s nice to “meet” you virtually.


  4. How lovely to meet you, Judith! And thank you so much for following. It has been quite a process but it has taught me a lot about how I judged my ‘negative’ emotions.
    Yes, I am now swimming in a lot of red sea with copper leaf.
    How lucky are we?

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  5. Emotions and art are always intertwined, and it’s fascinating to explore them. Your red sea and copper leaf has caught my attention. I look forward to seeing it. 🙂


  6. It’s beautiful Francesca and it obviously works as I take each part of the painting equally without knowing at first whether the emotion is positive or negative. In actual fact a number of my favourite parts are what would be classed as negative. Well done for getting through this with such a great result and enjoy bathing in the turquoise!


  7. A real challenge and from it came real beauty. Well done! And I love the fact that you are going back to the sea – a true release from squares. Interested to see how this will influence your future work.


  8. Thank you so much, Andrea. I’m so glad it’s working!
    And, please note, I changed Wonder (top right) as you commented that you found it a little claustrophobic – and you were right. It was one of my very early ones where I was still very much focused on the square motif. I hope you find the final one more Wondrous …
    And, may I also thank you for all your comments on these process posts. As you can tell, I find them really helpful and encouraging. xx


  9. I love this…the concept (yes, it is mind-blowing!) and the painting. Fascinating to think about those emotions and to see the colours you’ve used, which would be different for all of us, I’m sure.


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