Me picking a card for the day at my exhibition

The cards are a big part of my exhibition at the Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable entitled The Colours of Expression.

To find out more about the cards, click here.


  1. I absolutely loved meeting you at the Horsebridge .., I felt that our meeting was incredibly auspicious … to be honest I rarely go into the Horsebridge … but I was strongly drawn there that day & particularly to the painting … The Victory of Not Being Seen. I am fascinated by your work & the colour cards. Two years ago I attended a course near Seattle called Healing The World. I’ve been trying to work out how to use my art to bring more healing into the world , I believe that the cards & the painting will act as arcs to assist me on my journey .. I’m excited to explore these beloved, precious gemstones .. thank you for being brave and coming into my world Francesca … I’m looking forward to see how things pan out ….


  2. I know this a very late reply – my sincere apologies for that.
    Thank you for watching the video. It was quite a step for me.
    Hoping that 2020 is all that you want it to be.


  3. Dear Amanda
    I too felt that our meeting at the Horsebridge was auspicious and I knew it would develop but I did not know how. And now we are going to work together with art and the cards to further the healing in the world. How wonderful.
    I am very excited about it and I will want to hear all about your Seattle course! xx


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