My name is Francesca Howard and throughout my life colour has been my uppermost passion.  It has run like a thread through my choices and today informs all my work.

Hanging with Velázquez outside the Prado

I have a BA Hons degree in History of Art from the University of East Anglia, specialising in Early Italian Renaissance and Dutch 17th Century.  I later qualified as a Metaphysical Counsellor and then gained a PGCE to teach Art History.

Today I am a painter producing abstracts full of colour.

...CAST THY NIGHTED COLOUR OFF - Hamlet I ii 68 by Francesca Howard, acrylic on canvas, 19.7x19.7ins 50x50cms
…CAST THY NIGHTED COLOUR OFF – Hamlet I ii 68 by Francesca Howard, acrylic on canvas, 1’7.7” x 1’7.7” – 50 x 50cms


I have created The Colour Potential Card Deck & Handbook, centred on colour and positivity.  The cards are designed to be used in everyday life – to act as a gentle guide through a difficult patch or to show a pathway through a seemingly unsolvable issue.

The Colour Potential Card Deck

It is an honour to share my passion with you.



  1. Hi Francesca.
    Hi Francesca.
    Groovy website! What do you think about the connection of colour with smell and taste, such like in childhood memories? Here some lyrics from the song “Brother” by Alice In Chains:
    Pictures in a box I hold-
    Yellowing and green with mold-
    So I can barely see your face-
    I wonder how this colour taste.
    Whenever I hear these lyrics I can see a yellow green colour and smell a mouldy odour of a box with pictures of my father, who died when I was four, in front of me. Before the age of six I could not resist, to my mum’s horror, taking them into my mouth. So to me colour, smell, taste are just parts of the whole spectrum of non-verbal communication! Since we are neighbours, and I had no idea of your colour reserch, in regards to the psyche, it would be great to exchange thoughts and experiences.
    Happy X-mas to you, Phil, the girls and the pooches,



  2. Hi Raz
    How great to have our groovy neighbour as part of the colour discussion! Thank you. I completely agree with you about colour being a part of the non-verbal communication spectrum, with colour being the one that most often comes first. Chefs say that a significant percentage of a meal being wholly enjoyable depends upon whether it is visually inviting. (I once cooked a Valentine’s Day meal where all the food was red or pink. It was a bit disconcerting. I particularly remember the pink mashed potato!) What a trauma you went through at such a young age. Do you still have the pictures and, if so, are they still the same colour?
    A very Happy Christmas to you too!


  3. Fascinating cards, I’ve got angel cards and previously had tarot cards yet never thought of colour cards. Now I dabble with painting I can see the benefit to colour cards. I do tend to paint using the colours I’m feeling at the time. 🌹

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