THE COLOUR POTENTIAL Divination Card Pack & Handbook



The Colour Potential is a pack of 55 divination cards which I have created. They spring from my passion for colour and my training as a Metaphysical counsellor. The cards are intended as gentle, yet powerful, hints when we want to resolve an issue that is bothering us or need a little support in facing a challenging situation.

Each card displays a colour and a written word, a quality. The qualities are positive traits that are within all of us, but which may not always have been given full expression. There are no negative cards in the pack as, to my mind, we are negative enough about ourselves without adding to it!

The pack centres around 17 colours.  

Each colour has 3 qualities attached to it.  

In addition there are 3 White Light cards with no colour, plus a Joker.



Colour transmits messages rapidly, far quicker than any words. The colours on the cards speak swiftly and personally to the reader. The pairing of colour with a written word means that the impact of the cards is doubled, allowing for the resolution of an issue from two different perspectives.

I have written a handbook to accompany the cards.


The Handbook enables independent use of the cards, without the need for an interpreter.  Its subject matter is not esoteric or specialist. Its power is in the pack’s simplicity, accessibility and ease.  It outlines possible card layouts and gives case histories.


In the handbook each colour has a page outlining its unique cultural, religious and political associations through history. On the facing page there is an explanatory section for each card – this outlines why a quality has been paired with a colour and offers suggestions as to why that particular card might have been picked.



If you would like to buy a set of The Colour Potential Cards with, or without, a Handbook, please click here

It’s a colourful life!

Love Francesca


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