Testimonials for The Colour Potential Divination Card Pack and Handbook

From an Illustrator, Dyslexia Tutor & Mother:
‘The cards are wonderful, they have had such a positive effect on my life.
Using them is both revealing and empowering.  I have used them many times and the chosen card is always interesting.  It can be obvious or unexpected.  For example, recently, I was struggling with the very serious business of how to put systems in place to balance being a mother with expanding my artistic career.  The chosen card was bright red, REVELRY.   My reaction was immediate ‘ this is no laughing matter! ’.   In fact the longer I sat with the card the more sense it made.  What a strong vital colour.   A colour of celebration,  of passion,  of potential.   The potential of being an artist and a mother!   It jolted me out of my seriousness and it was with a more positive and confident attitude I started organising.
The cards are a real gift.’
Rachel Tilda Wolf, Artist                                                                                     MAY 2015
From an Author:
Writing a novel is a solitary business requiring ridiculous amounts of stamina and self belief.   Inevitably there are moments when I write myself into a dead end and when doubts creep in along with a general feeling of gloom.
It is on occasions like this that I use the cards.  I experience them as messages from the gods,  nudges in the right direction and occasionally a boot up the backside.  I often use them when I am frightened or have lost faith.
They almost always revive my optimism and sense of humour, both crucial to completing a project as long as a novel.  They offer a sort of psychic break and an opportunity to look at myself from the outside and assess what I might need.  They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.’
Crime writer, Victoria Blake, author of the ‘Sam Falconer‘ Crime Series    MARCH 2014

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