You know the theory that whatever we enjoyed in childhood we should make into our career? Well what I most enjoyed in childhood was looking, just looking – looking at patterns, looking at reflections, but mostly looking at colours. Just sitting and staring at colours.

Now I am in my 60s and colour remains my overriding focus (family aside) and fascination. I marvel at how the world uses colour and how the individual reacts to it.  I paint abstracts flowing with colour and write about the emotional impact of colour.

And so this blog is about colour – how we use it to decorate, attract, advertise, impress, control, communicate, warn, repel, govern, revolt, ostracise, raise awareness, signal allegiance, commemorate and celebrate.

Welcome!  And thank you for stopping by.


  1. Colour does touch us to our core. We don’t conciously recognise how colour affects us. In collaboration with shape,, structure and sense colour brings us joy and a feeling of well being. We don’t know why a picture , fabric, food, nature gives us a sense of completion .
    Francesca not sure I can articulate what I mean yet . Certainly your blog makes me think. First rays!


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