Betrayed with a Kiss …

At the end of last year I went to see the ‘Beyond Caravaggio’ exhibition at the National Gallery in London. It was woefully disappointing *. (In the afternoon I went to

The Lady in Red

In my January post ‘The Lady in Blue’ I wrote about why, in Christian art, the Virgin Mary is traditionally clothed in blue. However, one of my favourite paintings of all time has the

The Olympic Flag, Wikimedia Commons - Dave Johnston

Olympian Colours

Last night, as I was watching the opening ceremony for the 31st Olympiad in Rio, I wondered, and not for the first time, why there were 5 rings on the

Colour and Le Corbusier

‘Architecture is light and light is colour‘ says Le Corbusier in Colin Bisset’s fascinating novel, ‘Loving Le Corbusier’. My previous post was inspired by this insightful and thought-provoking novel and I wanted to post a little